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  • What is the price? How much does it cost?
    Hyde Park Golf takes pride that our rate is the lowest in London area. Our rates vary by the time of year and we continue to strive to be the most cost effective indoor golf facility. For most accurate pricing information, please proceed to our booking page and check out the pricing for the time slot of your choosing.
  • Can I book last minute?
    Yes. Last minute booking is not an issue but keep in mind the following: Bookings made within the 24 hour cancellation period cannot be cancelled. Please note that you should refrain from making a booking where the start time is in the past. It is prohibited that you cannot book past a time block (the 15 minute interval), but you can still make a booking during that time block. For example, at 2:02PM, you can book for 2:00PM start time because 2:02PM is within 2:00PM-2:15PM time block, but realistically, you should book for a 2:15PM start time considering the time it takes for booking and payment. If it's at 2:17PM and you are trying to book for 2:00PM - 2:15PM time block, the system will block the booking.
  • Can I cancel a booking?
    Yes. You may cancel a booking up to 24 hours prior to your booking start time. With a proper cancellation you will receive a full refund.
  • Can I edit a booking?
    No. You cannot edit a booking. You need to cancel the existing booking and make a new one. Cancellation policy will apply.
  • Can I extend my training session?
    Yes. As long as the schedule is open, you can just create another booking after your current session.
  • Can I reschedule, change or move a booking?
    If you would like to reschedule, change or move a booking you must first make a new booking and then request a cancellation of your existing booking. This must be done at least 24 hours before your start time.
  • Do you provide refunds?
    Yes. If you have cancelled your booking within the proper cancellation window, then you will receive a full refund.
  • How do I book a time that goes past midnight?
    For bookings that overlap midnight, you will need to make two bookings. For example, if you wanted to book from Wednesday 11:30PM to Thursday 12:45AM, you would make the following bookings: Wednesday 11:30PM to 12:00AM Thursday 12:00AM to 12:45AM During your session the light and projector will turn off and turn on again, but your game should be exactly where you left off.
  • Is my booking information publicly viewable?
    No. Once you book a session, your name will not appear on any publicly viewable schedule.
  • How can I enter the Hyde Park Golf?
    After making your reservation, we will email/text you CloudKey (a link you need to click to open the door). The link will be activated 10 minutes before your scheduled start time and will deactivate 10 minutes after your end time. When you arrive, just click the link and the door will open.
  • The CloudKey doesn't open the door
    Please make sure you are clicking the link after the link is activated (10 minutes before your start time) and before the link is deactivated (10 minutes after your end time). If that's still not working, please wait 10 seconds and try again.
  • What if I forget something after my session is over?
    You will have up to 10 minutes to return to the premise. When the time is up, you will need to make another booking to gain access or contact us during customer service hours.
  • Do you provide clubs or do you have clubs for rent?
    No. You must bring your own clubs. Please make sure there is no dirt from the field because small debris can damage the screen.
  • Can I teach someone at Hyde Park Golf?
    Hyde Park Golf welcomes teaching pros or more seasoned players to bring their students/friends and provide lessons.
  • Can I bring food or beverages?
    Outdoor food is strictly prohibited. Beverages are not allowed with the exception of bottled beverages. For further information, please refer to our terms and policy.
  • Do I need to bring my own golf ball?
    Simple answer: No. Golf balls are provided by Hyde Park Golf. Complex answer: You are welcome to bring your own golf balls provided that it is in clean condition free of debris but Hyde Park Golf's technology may not be able to accurately capture the ball's movement when you use your own balls. It was observed that using your own ball results in many mis-reads.
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