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Local Business Review

If you're on the lookout for the best driving ranges in the London area, you're in for a treat because there are some outstanding options available. Whether you're a seasoned golfer or a beginner, these driving ranges offer a perfect environment to practice and improve your game.

London's driving ranges are equipped with top-notch facilities, including advanced launch monitor technology that provides detailed insights into your ball's flight and swing mechanics. These high-tech devices have revolutionized the practice experience, offering accuracy and data that were previously only available to professional golfers.

The presence of such advanced technology makes it easier to fine-tune your shots and distances, compared to traditional outdoor driving ranges that lack these modern features. Moreover, many of these driving ranges are open year-round, allowing you to practice regardless of the weather.

Whether you’re looking to perfect your swing or just enjoy a relaxed session of hitting balls, the driving ranges in London have something to offer everyone. So, get ready to discover some of the best spots in the city to elevate your golf game!


Hyde Park Golf [$]

Most budget friendly and tech savvy option!

Who would have thought indoor driving range would be on the top of the list? Indoor driving ranges are on the rise! London now has an indoor range that's more affordable than conventional driving ranges. Save your coaching budget. You can utilize the data to self-diagnose your shots using professional grade launch monitor. You can also enjoy a quick course play for the same price! The best part? Book online and you don't have to wait for a spot. Plus, it's open 24/7, welcoming you any time of the day. 

Bob's Range [$$$]

Bunker practice and awesome coaches

Bob's Range is known for its well-maintained grass conditions and its awesome bunker practice area. It features both standard bunkers and a St. Andrews-deep bunker challenge. It's the ultimate outdoor range where you can practice all aspects of the game. The owner, Bob, is a very friendly gentleman!

Tin Cup [$$$]

Mini Putt and Golf! 

Featuring the most practice bays in the city, Tin Cup has been adored by London golfers for years. The facility also offers mini putt, making it a perfect spot for the whole family to enjoy time together! It is one of the busiest practice locations in London, but on a bad day, you might have to practice on divots. Additionally, there is no green or short-game practice area.

East Park [$$$]

Theme Park and Golf! 

Need time for golf and the kids? Have your children play at East Park while you enjoy your practice session. The grass isn't as well maintained as some other ranges, but if you're on the east end of the city, this is a fantastic quick practice option!

Fairways Golf Performance Centre [$$$]

Haven in the West end

It's got what you're looking for: decent grass conditions, some greens for putting and chipping, and it's on the west end of the city! It has a unique charm that is somewhat difficult to fully explain in this short review, but it is certainly beautiful and elevates your weekend. Check it out and experience it for yourself! The only shortcoming is that it closes more often than other ranges on rainy days.

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