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Local rules

Welcome to HYDE PARK GOLF. We are thrilled to have you as our valued guest and want to ensure that your experience here is both enjoyable and safe. Before you tee off, it's important to familiarize yourself with our terms and conditions. These guidelines are designed to promote a harmonious and secure environment for all patrons. By using our facilities, you agree to abide by the following terms and conditions, which are intended to protect the well-being of our customers and maintain the integrity of our indoor golf experience.

Brief overview of important rules


Please be mindful of your booking time. Others might be waiting for you to start their time. 


Golf shoes are permitted but metal cleats are prohibited.

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As a courtesy to other players using the unmanned facility, please take your garbage from the room at the end of your session. There is a garbage bin located near the exit. 


No outside food permitted. Only bottled, non-alcoholic beverages are permitted.


No smoking or vaping tobacco, cannabis or any herbal products in the facility or within 9m of the entrance.


No alcoholic, cannabis or any other intoxicating beverages or golfing while intoxicated.

For more detailed information, please consult the Terms of Use below or email

Terms of Use

HYDE PARK GOLF is monitored by video surveillance 24/7. If any customers are found to be in violation of any of the rules, Hyde Park Indoor Golf reserves the right to enact financial penalties based on the severity of any infraction.

No smoking
  1. Tobacco Products: The use of any tobacco products, including cigarettes, cigars, and chewing tobacco, is strictly prohibited within our indoor golf facility.

  2. E-cigarettes and Vapour Products: The use of electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) and any other vapour-producing devices is also strictly prohibited.

  3. Marijuana and Cannabis: The consumption, possession, or use of marijuana, cannabis, or any related products is not allowed on our premises, regardless of local laws.

  4. Illegal Drugs: The use of illegal drugs or any controlled substances is strictly prohibited at all times.

Any violation of this policy may result in severe consequences, including a permanent ban from the facility and/or a violation penalty of $100 per occurrence.

No alcohol and cannabis  product
  1. Alcohol Consumption: The consumption of alcoholic beverages, including but not limited to beer, wine, spirits, and liquors, is strictly prohibited within our indoor golf facility.

  2. Cannabis Products: The use or consumption of cannabis products, including, but not limited to drinkable or edible cannabis products, is strictly prohibited on our premises, regardless of local laws.

  3. Possession and Supply: Patrons are prohibited from possessing or supplying alcoholic beverages on our premises.

  4. Impairment: Patrons are not allowed to enter or remain on the premises while under the influence of alcohol or any impairing substances.

  5. Excessive Intoxication: Any patron displaying signs of excessive intoxication may be asked to leave the premises for their safety and the safety of others.


Any violation of this policy may result in severe consequences, including a permanent ban from the facility and/or a violation penalty of $100 per occurrence.

No outside food allowed

Outside food is not permitted on our premises, except for items available for purchase at our facility.

Lessons allowed

Our facility is available for booking by professional golf instructors who wish to conduct lessons for their clients and players who want to book for their private lesson sessions.

Accompanied Guests

For the purpose of this Terms of Use, the 'Booking Holder' is the person who created the booking and clicked to indicate agreement with this Terms of Use and the Release Agreement. Any other persons permitted entry by the Booking Holder, regardless of whether they contributed to the cost of the booking or not, are 'Accompanied Guests.' The Booking Holder must only allow persons who have been given sufficient time to read and voluntarily agree to these Terms of Use and the Release Agreement. The Booking Holder shall not permit entry to the premises to the persons who do not agree to the Terms of Use or the Release Agreement in their entirety.

Secure entry
  1. Access Authorization:​ Entry is allowed only through the Cloud Key. Only authorized individuals, including the Booking Holders and Accompanied Guests, are allowed.

  2. Access Sharing Prohibited: Do not share your access link with persons other than Accompanied Guests. Unauthorized sharing is not allowed.

  3. Unauthorized Entry: Attempting unauthorized entry is a policy violation and may result in removal.

  4. Accompanied Guests: Ensure your guests have their own access links or are accompanied by you.

Shoes, balls, tees and clubs
  1. Golf Shoes: Golf shoes are permitted, but iron cleats are prohibited as they may damage our premises.

  2. Golf Balls: Golf balls are provided. You are not permitted to use your own ball.

  3. Golf Clubs: Golf clubs must be free of debris and maintained in clean condition to prevent any damage to the equipment or premises.

  4. Tees: Rubber tees are provided for your convenience. Personal tees are allowed, but wooden tees are not permitted to prevent any damage to the premise/equipment.

Maximum  4 persons per room

Each room is limited to a maximum of four persons, including golfers and spectators, at a time. Capacity violations will result in an automatic minimum $50 fine per person per 30 minutes.

Clean environment

To provide a clean and enjoyable atmosphere for everyone, we kindly request all patrons to dispose of trash properly and keep the premises clean. Patrons are hereby informed that failure to maintain a clean environment after their session may result in a cleaning fee of up to $100 being charged to their account. We appreciate your attention to cleanliness and cooperation in upholding our facility's standards.

24 hr surveillance
  1. Surveillance Coverage: Our surveillance system operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, covering all areas within Hyde Park Golf. This includes but is not limited to common areas, entry and exit points, golf rooms and other areas deemed critical for security purposes.

  2. Purpose of Surveillance: The primary purpose of our surveillance system is to enhance the safety and security of individuals and property within and/or attached HYDE PARK GOLF. Surveillance footage may be used to monitor activities, deter illegal or inappropriate behavior, and provide evidence in the event of an incident.

  3. Privacy Considerations: While we prioritize the safety and security of our users, we also respect individual privacy. Surveillance is conducted in accordance with applicable privacy laws and regulations. Personal information captured by the surveillance system will be handled responsibly and in compliance with our Privacy Policy.

  4. Access to Surveillance Footage: Access to surveillance footage is restricted to authorized personnel only. Such access is granted for security, safety, or legal purposes. We do not sell, share, or disclose surveillance footage to third parties unless required by law or for the protection of our users and property.

  5. Data Retention: Surveillance footage is retained for a specific duration in accordance with legal requirements and our internal policies. After this period, footage may be automatically deleted after useful period of time has passed unless required for ongoing investigations or legal proceedings.

  6. Notification of Surveillance: By entering HYDE PARK GOLF or using our services, you acknowledge and consent to the presence of 24-hour surveillance. Signs indicating the use of surveillance may be displayed at entry points or in prominent locations to notify individuals.

Quiet enjoyment

To ensure a serene environment for all, we enforce a strict policy of quiet enjoyment. Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated, guaranteeing a peaceful experience for every patron.

No modification

Modifications to PC hardware and software are strictly prohibited within our premises to maintain system integrity and security.

No pets allowed

Pets are not allowed at all, including small hypoallergenic ones. 

Refund policy

Full refund is permitted if cancellation is requested at least 24 hours prior to the start time. When bookings within less than 24 hours of the start time, refund is not allowed. 

Right to refuse service

We reserve the right to refuse service to individuals who violate our policies to ensure the well-being and experience of all our patrons.

Right to enact and enforce financial penalties

We reserve the right to enact and rigorously enforce financial penalties as necessary to maintain a safe and orderly environment for all patrons and protect the integrity of our premises and services.

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