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Top 5 family activities to do in London, Ontario this winter

As the winter season blankets London, Ontario in a pristine layer of snow and transforms the landscape into a picturesque wonderland, it's the perfect time to embark on memorable family adventures. From outdoor escapades to cozy indoor experiences, there's no shortage of exciting activities for all ages to enjoy. In this blog post, we'll be your guide to the "Top 5 Family Activities to Do in London, Ontario This Winter." Whether you're a local looking for new ideas or visiting from afar, these winter activities promise to create lasting memories and warm your hearts in the chilly months. So, bundle up and get ready to explore the best that London, Ontario has to offer this winter season!

Indoor Golf Who says golf is exclusively an outdoor activity? With Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy hosting and participating in a professional indoor golf simulator league, it's evident that indoor golf has become a significant facet of the sport, thanks to technological advancements. Not to mention the comfort of staying warm during the winter months. Moreover, you won't have to invest four hours, as in traditional golf courses, to complete a game; typically, 18 holes can be finished in just one hour, or two hours for a pair.

Hyde Park Golf offers precisely that experience, and at $25 per hour, it stands out as a cost-effective option too. The best part? It's open 24/7, and you'll have your private room, a deal you won't find elsewhere in London.

Indoor Rock Climbing

Indoor rock climbing is a challenging and rewarding sport that combines physical fitness with problem-solving skills. Climbers of all levels can enjoy scaling artificial rock walls in a safe and controlled environment. It's a great way to build strength, confidence, and have a fun and active experience with friends or on your own.

Junction Climbing Centre and J2 Bouldering are great places to learn that. The staff is kind and welcoming and it's always nice to let your inner child conquer the high wall.

Cross Country Skiing

One of the lesser known activities in London area is cross country skiing. Cross country skiing is a fun winter activity that offers a serene connection with nature, a versatile experience for all skill levels, and a chance to enjoy the outdoors with friends and family. Its rhythmic, meditative motion in beautiful snowy landscapes provides a sense of escape and freedom. Whether you're looking for a leisurely outing or an invigorating workout, cross country skiing is a rewarding way to embrace winter's beauty.

If you don't have the gears necessary, you can rent them to see if you like it or not first. Circle R Ranch is close enough to the city and offers various levels of terrains to suit all skill levels.

Winter Horse Back Riding

Another lesser known, but a must do activity in London is winter horseback riding. It is a unique and enchanting experience that allows you to explore snowy landscapes from a different perspective. Riding through snow-covered trails on a horse can be both serene and exhilarating, offering a close connection with these magnificent animals and the winter wonderland around you. It's a memorable way to enjoy the beauty of the season while participating in an age-old equestrian tradition.

Check out Willow and Water or Circle R Ranch offers winter horse back riding. Both are within reasonable driving distance from the city.

Skating / Walking on icy river

Skating or walking on an icy river is a thrilling winter activity that offers a one-of-a-kind adventure. Gliding on skates or taking a stroll on the frozen river's surface allows you to enjoy the pristine, snow-covered surroundings while savoring the crisp winter air. It's an opportunity to experience the natural world in a unique way and create lasting memories in a breathtaking, icy landscape.

As for where to try this, you can walk behind the dam at Fanshawe Conservation Area. Ensure that the river is well-frozen before attempting this activity. Typically, it's a good sign when you see people engaged in ice fishing behind the dam or notice numerous footprints on the snow-covered river.

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