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Top 5 Indoor Golf simulator and driving ranges in London ontario

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

f you're on the hunt for indoor golf opportunities in the London area, you're in for a treat because there are quite a few fantastic options available. Some of these spots provide complete golf simulators with a variety of playable courses, while others focus on helping you hone your golf swing.


Over the past few years, advancements in launch monitor technology have truly revolutionized the indoor golf scene. These high-tech devices offer detailed insights into your ball's flight and greatly enhance accuracy. Access to launch monitors is becoming increasingly essential for anyone looking to improve their golf skills.


That's why indoor golf ranges equipped with launch monitor technology are invaluable, even during the summer months. They make it so much easier to fine-tune your shot distances compared to traditional outdoor driving ranges that lack this modern tech.


If you're looking for an indoor golf simulator in the London area, you are in the right place in the right time because there is a . This means you can enjoy golf all year round, and that's something to be excited about!


Technology: Uneekor QED + GS Pro

Don't be misled by the modest price tag. It is the newest and the largest indoor golf destination in London with 8 private rooms equipped with launch monitors that calculates your shots with AI for accurate simulation and provides extensive ball flight data. The one and only place with full automation and it is open 24/7. Also, you can choose from over 300 world class courses to play.

The Club House [$$$$$]

Technology: HD Golf

Located in the Factory, a mega entertainment central of London, the club house boasts comfortable lounge environment. Combined with other entertainment options available in the vicinity, you park here and you don't even have to leave here to enjoy a full day.

Extreme Indoor Golf [$$$$]

Technology: aboutGolf

The oldest – or most established - indoor golf location in London. This is the place known for its well-organized simulator golf league and open concept venue. The owners are very nice and makes you feel welcome!

Just Golf [$$]

Technology: Impact Vision

Located on Wharncliffe South, this place was established around the end of COVID era and boasts reasonable price tag. Their course library is fairly limited to about 50 foreign courses. 


Golfer’s Hideaway [$$$]

Technology: Trackman & GC Hawk

Located just west of London, it’s bit far from the city but as golfers, we don't shy away driving the distance to golf at an affordable cost.

Greenon Golf [$$$$]

Technology: Full Swing

Located also in Fanshawe W & Hyde Park, this new indoor golf simulator place is equipped with Full Swing - a Tiger endorsed equipment. It is an all family entertainment unit where you can enjoy some food and beer. 

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